About Us

AICC CONSTRUCTION is established in Montenegro by 3 large construction companies from Turkey operating in construction business since 1983.

After Premonte Tivat project the company’s aim is to develop and construct projects that serve the tourism and housing sector in Montenegro.

Kemal Gulmez

Founding Partner

I was born in Tunceli in 1976. I completed my primary and secondary education in Istanbul. I graduated from European University of Lefke, Faculty of Construction Engineering, Northern Cyprus in 2001. In 2013, I attended Bahcesehir University – Government Leadership School, Political Academy, US Silicon Valley, US Washington, Israel-Palestine Middle East certificate programs.

During my University education, I gained experience while working on projects for our family company and for I.S.K.I and Infrastructure Coordination Administration projects under Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. After my University education, I begun serving as Project manager on various sites for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Under our firm, established jointly with 2 partners in 2005, I completed more than 300 architectural projects, 14 residential projects and provided engineering consulting services in a 6 year time frame. Under Aramis Industries and Trade Corporation, which I established in 2009 I am currently engaged in commercial and residential projects in Istanbul and am also engaged in summer homes construction projects and international construction services under Symbol Construction LTD, registered in Montengero.

Yuksel Koroglu

Founding Partner

Completed over 150.000 sqm of housing projects, office buildings and high rises in many parts of Istanbul since 2005, Yuksel Koroglu continues serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at his own company.

Starting his professional life at a very young age in the textile industry Yuksel Koroglu, born in 1969, is married and is father to 2 children.

Dogan Engin Oturan

Founding Partner

Began work as an engineer in Dostas Construction Inc., Dogan Engin Oturan continues serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2006. Having completed housing projects totalling over 220.000 sqm, Dostas Construction Inc. was established as a family business in 1983.

Begun his professional life in 2003, working both domestically and internationally in different development groups and joint ventures, Dogan Engin Oturan has delivered 43.000 sqm developlment to the investors.

Graduated from Sakarya University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, his second degree was from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration. Dogan Engin Oturan was born in 1981.